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Popeye, right? Eyes seems kinda bulgy to me. Also, they are ringed with that milky white coloration that I don't recall seeing on this fish in the past.

Most pics I see on the internet for diagnosis show extreme full-blown cases, so it's a little hard for me to judge based on those.

I haven't had these apistos super long, so I'm not familiar with the characteristics of this species in terms of what's normal looking and what's an indication of a health issue.

This fish was in a community tank for a few weeks (its now isolated in a smaller tank), and I see no health issues with the other fish, nor water quality issues in the community aquarium.

I lost the female apisto due to internal issues a few weeks back.  She's always been in a separate aquarium and was never introduced to the community tank.

Opinions? Advice?


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