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So to start off i am currently invested in 4 tanks ranging from 5.5 up to 30 gal. Been in the water about 2.5 years now, Dang carnival goldfish got my 2 year old and I at the time.. stopped on the way home got the cheapo acrylic 6.5 walmart tank with a lid and a 10 gal filter.. oh man did i not know how bad my wallet would hurt from the time i opened google upon getting home and now, but wouldnt trade the hobby and how much its brought into my life even it seems to take up more hours of my weekends then id like its worth it! 

Starting off I have my 5.5 my intro to plants... beeen through alot of growing pains in that tank. Equipment is a Hygger auto timer light (little lcd screen most all my lights are), a sicce nano internal, and and a ziss airstone, no heater (77-79f). This lovely rectangle housed a number of super nano fish over the 1.5 years its been up and running, the current inhabitants are 1 dwarf puffer and 1 oto. yes i know about all the things they both need. I have my reasons and i find them acceptable. the plants i have going in there at the moment is Val, elodea, ludwigia repens (red?), and ludgiwia broadleaf red (dont remeber but its one of my favorite), with salvinia floaters on top, and a peice of drift wood.

Up in size from there is my Fluval 15 Flex (scored on FB market place for 65$ and it happens to be a dream tank of mine) its been up for about 4 months now and doing amazing. All standard equipment that comes with the flex with the addition of a hygger 5 gal sponge filter and a Fluval 100w heater (79-80f). This amazing cube is housing a small fully grown (2.5in) polar blue cichlid, 8 ember tetras, and 1m1f sword tail. it also has Val, Anubias Barteri, Asian water fern, ludwigia broadleaf, and a crpyt I was gifted i cannot identify, a couple peices of drift wood.

Onward! my 20H has been running a month (recently broke it out of storage). This bad boy my first Aquarium Co-op Course sponge filter!!! hygger double sponge with bio ball container on bottom, and a Fluval U1? 15 gal internal filter, hygger light, cheap amazon adjustable heater (75-78f). This is my least stocked tank... 1 fully grown rescue opaline gourami (5.5-6in). Plants is pretty low too 2 Java Fern and 1 Water sprite (planted)

For the finally is my horribly over stocked 30 gal... alright bear with me here and dont yell at me the 20 was suppose to be a community too but someone is a bully.. it has a tetra whisper 60 gal HOB, a 40 gal hygger double sponge with bio ball containers, a aqueon 150w heater (75-78f), and a hygger led light. This is the crazy part but everyone is getting along just fine. 1 polar blue, 1 gourami, 1 clown pleco, 2 yoyo loach, 6 corydora (aneus green), 3 leapord danio, 4 zebra danio, 3 platy, 4 Molly (1M3F). Val, Ludwigia Repens, and a huge Anubia Barteri, and Asian Water Fern. Huge piece of drift wood and river rocks.

Yes i could do better but im learning and saving money to do so, as this is a hobby and i have a family so ya know every day is something new and some days are easy, that being said i started this journal to remind myself where im at and where i was when i look back in the future. this hobby is my escape and i love every aspect of it. As my future of an aquarist i want to start to breed Corydoras of all species and also get into more livebearers so far ive seen fry from time to time in the 30 gal but i never see any make it to a good size ( you could guess why huh).

Thanks for taking the time to read and give input into my aquarist hobby!

(Pics in order of listed) (also some pics are a week or two old so things have changed)IMG_2907.jpeg.b65bd9d87af5d58d0071f7a1827a13d3.jpegIMG_2820.jpeg.8e13f869ac8eb33c1ac03e8ee1e11c8c.jpegIMG_2914.jpeg.e89f760d9b5b37b6b525665e4904f309.jpegIMG_2743.jpeg.301c6adfb60be66cd30bdea0d97afe17.jpeg

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