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Re homed flying fox and albino bristlenose

Uk Mike

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Hi everyone

ive just re homed 3 adult flying foxes and 1 albino bristlenose, I didn’t know they had problems but when given them last night, they all look like they have a little fin rot.

the water they were brought in was 🤢

I’ve put them in a nurse tank with water from one of my other tanks, given them some plants to hide in and eat from.
I put an air stone a small pump and heater so should be comfortable temporarily till they can go in my clown tank.
I was interested to know if anyone could point me in the right direction to fix there fin rot, I’d also like to give them something to cover anything else they may have.

I live in the uk and have been unable to get erythromycin or the general care used in America.

does anyone know of an equivalent in the uk?


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Me personally I would start off with clean water and low stress. There are a lot of things that can damage fins and medications can tend to add stress in my experience. If after a day or two of clean water things start to improve you know you are on the right path, if things aren't improving or start to get worse aquarium salt is always great for fighting off infection and invigorating the slime coat.


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