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Bloated and slow Pygmy Cory. Unsure what illness.


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She is moving real slow. I moved her into quarantine and started treating with ICH-X, General Cure, and EM Erythromycin. She was swimming alone, not with the other 6, and just resting. No food for now. Any suggestions would be great. The Cory tank has been cloudy white for 2 weeks. Not clearing up with UV, charcoal pads, or water changes. Water changes will dilute the white for a bit, then back to white. Also started treating the tank, JIC. I want to switch the tank out and put the corys into a different one, as I just got a 20 Long for them. The 29 is too high for me to do Water changes comfortably. 

Tank only has Cory's and Snails. Just had Cory Fry from the Greens, so was feeding a bit extra.  I have green and pygmy cory's and the green just had their first fry. I've seen six babies so far.

I'm wondering if I should add salt and peas to the QT tank.






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After water change last night, I just retested and the ammonia is .5. Nitrites and Nitrates are both 0. Ph is 6.5

Just realized my cycle is blown. 

Heading to LFS to get RO water to do another water change tonight. 

Assuming high ammonia from all the storms and the biblical flooding in Miami.

I have Equilibrium to add to the RO water. 

Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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