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Apple Snails

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Hey all, I recently acquired some Peruvian apple Snails. First issue was they were delayed in the mail. Second issue I noticed is there shell quality isn’t great. Third issue is there was a note on the box from the postal service apologizing for damaged package smh. So if you add all of that up these poor guys have been through it lately so I’m sure you can imagine how scared I was opening the box. Long story short, I got them in the tank bc I didn’t smell anything that suggested they had died but they all floated. Three are still floating and the 4th confirmed alive has moved slightly. Here’s my issue, the following picture shows something I’ve never seen and don’t know what to do for If anything. It appears to be a protrusion of an air bubble. It’s contained within the shell but looked real awkward so I figured I would ask the forum…thanks in advanced IMG_6174.jpeg.518a67ab8975914189bac0613a7ab0db.jpeg

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Poor kids. Keep an eye on the floaters but don’t give up. They seal themselves to float in hopes the tide will carry them to a more hospitable location if water is bad or food is short and also to keep themselves moist if out of water too long. 

The bubble looks like it may be the start of foot swelling from toxicity. This may just be some poo got trapped and caused sort of a snail version of a blister. Again keep an eye on them but definitely don’t give up hope. Unfortunately food and clean water are all we can do for them. 
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your new kids. 

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