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strange endler behavior

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Noticed 2 female endlers stirring up sand near area with food that shrimp were eating. Is it just posturing to get the shrimp to leave, so they can eat and maybe because they are preggy/nesting? The endlers already ate a bunch of their own food.

Or, should I start observing for flashing?

Here is a video

How long has the tank been running?

- 7 weeks

What size is the tank?

- 20g long

What filtration do you have?

- nano sponge with additional pot scrubbers, minipump-driven diy filter with pot scrubbers

Did you cycle the tank before adding fish?

- yes, dark start 3 weeks, then added plants

What are your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels?

- ammonia 0ppm

- nitrate 100ppm (I plan to change water today)

- nitrites 0ppm

How often do you change the water and how much do you change out?

- plan is for low tech planted tank with low stocking, few water changes unless needed; last change was Aug 3 at 30%

What do you use to condition the water when added to the tank?

- diy sodium thiosulfate solution

Do you add anything else to the tank, such as pH buffers?

- since tap water is very soft and low ph, I have crushed coral in diy filter and occasionally have to add calcium carbonate and seachem equilibrium

How long have the fish been in the tank?

- since Aug 3; they were pretreated in quarantine tub since Jul 29, but moved them soon in because they would be the first fish in the tank and didn't exhibit issues

Did you add any new fish recently?

- yes, 20 cherry shrimp and what we now know was a dying mystery snail (he was removed today) 😞

- there were already bladder snails in from hitching with plants (ok with me)

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