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My lid, my lid , my lid, my lovely little lid

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I got My Humps stuck in my head, anyways...

Here is a lid I made for my 29 gallon tank, it has a Tidal 75 on the side. 




It was made from this:


I got the 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. PVC Beaded Ceiling/Wall Board ($14) from Home Depot. What I like about the board, it is made from PVC of course and the tongue side has a nice factory made rounded end. I used my router table to cut the bottom groove off and to made the ledge for the side. Of course you could use a table or circular saw with guides to make the cuts. It may be feasible to make the cuts using a razor blade/straight edge. 

The lid has a slight bow in it, I may have to add some more support. 

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For my 40 gallon tank I am currently working on, I may glue a 1 1/2" piece of PVC pipe to the bottom of the lid which extends into the water a inch or so. This will work as a CO2 bell for a yeast CO2 system. With limited CO2 production using yeast in a bottle, I think a bell system would be the right choice.

I also need to glue on a feeding ring.

I love PVC....

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