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is my new-to-me mystery snail old?


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My 9 year old picked out a mystery snail from the swap meet but looking at it now, I think we picked a sick or old one.

For 4 days, it stayed at the water surface, hardly budging. It is in my 20g (see signature). The tank has 4 endlers, plenty of bladder snails and cherry (I think) shrimp that came from a different seller at the same swap meet. All but the mystery snail are moving and eating fine.

I took a photo last night:


and today, where I found it on the substrate:Screenshot_20230809-103258.png.2adfc971dc8a6d3be3ac8bc39216bd0b.png

Can someone tell me if this is normal adjustment behavior? Or. did we just pick an old or sick one?


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I'm not sure if mystery snails actually get sick. They can be negatively affected by parameters, surroundings, undesired stuff in the water column like copper or medicine, any active fish that disturb or nip on them, etc.

So I don't think it is sick. But likely to be an old one.

Do you see its shell? There is so many different parts, basically reflecting different care and parameters it has been to during that time of growth. So it either changed so many tanks under someones care, or it has been to many different people's tanks before reaching you. Be its last and happy home.

It's trapdoor also looks damaged.


the best you can do is giving it the best care possible with a blanced diet of protein, veggies+algae, and calcium. I really don't know if trapdoor damage is fixable but you can try. @Guppysnail Gup have you ever been able to treat a damaged trapdoor, if you ever had any?


Maybe rarely air baths to make it relax, but not often to make it not stressed.


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On 8/9/2023 at 12:46 PM, HelplessNewbie said:

@Lennie @Guppysnail

Oh, I am so sorry for my poor snail. We will do the best we can to make it comfortable in our tank.

There was medication in the quarantine tank, but it only spent 3 hours in it before we decided to just put it directly in the 20 gallon tank.

What medication prazi and levamisole negatively impact them. 

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On 8/9/2023 at 12:54 PM, HelplessNewbie said:

Yes, prazi and fenbendazole. I am a bad snail-mom!!!

No you did not know. Fenben is really hard on them. You got them out quickly so they may recover. When dealing with snails be very careful and research before adding things to their tank or putting them in tanks where meds were used. Some can linger for months. 

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