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Loose Buce

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Zamboni not only uprooted my bucephalandra last week, but moved it across the tank. In the process, a small piece broke off. I tucked the roots of the Baby buce in the rocks at the original location & placed a small rock on the Mother buce to keep it in place. Zamboni kept knocking the rock off and the buce just sat atop the gravel.

Today after some mich needed tank maintenance, I tucked the roots of the OG buce into the gravel & noticed new growth (🎉) and shortly after, Zamboni is plowing into it... again. This is bonkers!

Can bucephalandra survive above the substrate?IMG_20230804_1432132562.jpg.ad5d6e8450d353548e98406297a4dbc2.jpgIMG_20230808_152938195.jpg.286ca4bcf8e65d59c683bd721a0cda6b.jpg

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