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Greetings From Rural ND


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Hello from rural ND!
After a couple years out of the hobby, I decided to get back into the hobby with a planted shrimp tank after coming across the Co-Op's videos on Youtube.  So far I've got a 10g low tech planted shrimp tank.  It's noting fancy but I'm enjoying getting back into the hobby.
I plan on picking up another 10g tank when I get to the city next time.



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2 minutes ago, Raeburn said:

Hi. It sounds as if you may have the beginnings of MTS...I suggest you don't panic and just go with it. 

I've been down that road before but I'm not going to get carried away this time.  My favorite LFS closed a couple of years ago and the other stores around me aren't that great.  I'm pretty much stuck with ordering fish online and it's gotten too cold to ship to my area.

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