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Breeding Blue Congo Dwarf Cichlids

Fish Folk

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A month ago, I acquired a pair of Nanochromis parilus, west African river dwarf cichlid. Nearest relative would be a Kribensis. But these are slightly more Geophagus-like, benthic, and can act somewhat like Apistos.

I set up a grimy, well-established tank. Added a spraybar + venturi, and threw in 2x pairs of Endlers.

Here is a video overview…

And here is a journal I’m keeping about breeding them…


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This was fun to watch - and you didn't seem upset by the BBA at all! Also, having guppy fry as food is a good use of guppies - I've been wondering what on earth I'm going to do with my army of Mutt babies - from only 1 mom too!! I think I'm going to take some and see what happens in my Shellie (similus) tank 🙂

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