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I need help to find out if a fish is sick or injured.


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Hey there

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to help me 🙂


I have a heavily planted Juwel Rio 180 that's about 1.5 years old with a group of 12 harlequin rasboras, 12 neon tetras, 8 otos, 3 plecos, some nerite snails and about 1millionish cherry shrimps.

About 5 months ago I noticed that one of the harlequin rasboras developed a bump near his left guiles. Since my harlequin rasboras love to ride with the strong flow of the water inlet of the filter and frequently jump out of the water while being pushed back with the current I concluded that It must have been injured during one of the jumps.

Ofc, I monitored it and the other fishes closely (I don't have the option to set up a quarantine tank) but everything seemed totally fine.

Now I'm on vacation and my mother-in-law sent me a video of the fish. It seems to have developed a white spot on each side in the back of the black scales. It behaves totally normal - it is active, swims and interacts with the other harlequin rasbora, eats well...

I uploaded the video my MIL sent me here https://imgur.com/a/STxnlAu . There are a lot of particulates floating around, but that's because she just did some maintenance of the tank... 

Can you tell me what might be up with this little one?

Thanks and have a nice day.

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It's difficult to say for sure what's going on it looks more like a growth near the Gill's the other spots raised so that rules out ich it could be a viral infection or so parasitic infection  some types of parasite can cause lumps in the muscle tissue I little more information would be helpful what are your water parameters ammonia nitire nitrate pH and have you added any new fish to the tank around the time you notice the lump of your rasbora @Flavoi1

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