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caught a mirror carp today

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I caught a mirror carp in my minnow trap today. I have only ever seen one other one, which I caught with a pole in the same place years ago. It keeps the same scale pattern all it's life. This one has so few scale, I wonder if it will make it in the wild.

If this belongs in off topic, let me know and I will move it.

Here are both sides of the little guy/gal:



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They are pretty common in Lake Washington have a fun name that sounds like a harry potter spell

Carpio carpio

Or perhaps a love sonnet written about two carps forbidden from love by their families. Speaking of they seem to hybridize with goldfish and Koi that escape or are released into our waterways.

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I run a fly fishing guide service. We see common carp all the time, but every now and then we see fully mature mirror carp in the 20lb range.  They certainly don't struggle in the wild!  

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