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Is Maracyn Safe with Eggs?

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I have some Peacock Gudgeon eggs in an incubator in the tank and I just noticed that one of the males has some fungus on his face/eye. I don’t have a spare tank that I can put him in right now. Would using Maracyn have any effect on the eggs?

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For fungus I would recommend Ich-X over Maracyn, unless you think it's columnaris, in which case I would recommend the use of both. There's an article that goes into more detail about this here. Fungal meds like Ich-X are commonly used to protect eggs from fungus, so that should be safe. I cannot say for sure if Maracyn is safe, however I personally think you have a responsibility to put your adult fish over the eggs. Imo you can always get another batch of eggs from your fish, but your breeding colony members are not as easily replaced. 

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