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My newest 60 gallon project (part 3)

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Here is Part 3 of my latest 60 gallon project. For anyone who is interested take a look at Part 1, 2, and an idea/feedback thread for everything before this. Part 1 , Part 2 Idea/feedback


So once I got most of the large pieces of hardscape done I filled the tank with water. This is for several reasons, first I wanted to make sure none of the wood was going to move, I knew it still wanted to float, so this was a little bit of a test run. Next this also let me soak the wood a little more to get some of the tannins out. Lastly it also me see what some of the rocks and wood looked like underwater, something that is difficult to do when everything is dry.

Ignore that piece that is floating in the right corner, it is a piece that is soaking for something else and I was just make use of the water in the tank. 



I also used Plasti Dip on the filter tubes and such. This should let them blend in a little more, plus the old ones were good, just discolored a bit. I also ordered a large Pre Filter Sponge from Aquarium Co Op to throw in the intake. 


This morning I drained the tank. You can see the discoloration after only a few days of soaking. 



 started using some black substrate I had for a few areas that I did not think would be seen at all. I figured this would save on the other substrate since since I was not sure how much I was going to use. Note all the extra stones on the floor. I have a ton of stuff my wife is ready for me to get out of her kitchen, so I have been a little "motivated" to get this project moving. 



Here is a close up of the right corner. I did the whole tank this way before putting down the sand and other misc. small rocks. 


This is a picture of me getting the sand down. Ignore the light placement, they were there so I would stop hitting them with my arm while putting the substrate. 


I got a little further after this picture was taken, but I need to wait on the plants before I go any further. I placed an order from two places (One being aquarium Co Op) last night. 

Also, all the sand and smaller rocks you see I went and got myself. It took a little bit of hiking and exploring around the local streams, I almost drowned one time when I fell into the water and got swept down river (I may make a post about that in more detail later), but over all because so many items on this project were either found or refurbished, it has made this project really enjoyable. A special thanks to @Daniel for his positive words and suggestions, and also special thank you to @Jessica.for her photo editing to help me imagine better placement of the hardscape. 

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9 hours ago, Patrick M. Bodega Aquatics said:

Looks awesome! What are you going to stock it with?

Thank you, I am still narrowing what fish I am going to put in it, but besides shrimp & snails, I am looking at moving my Hillstream Loaches into this tank, looking at a Stiphodon Loach, and then also looking at a bunch of Longfin White Clouds. 

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