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Waternet Algae in fish totes

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Has anyone delt with waternet algae before? Several of my summer totes have a large amount of it. I've found live and dead fry/juviles stuck in it this summer. I'll attach pics. This Algae makes a perfect little net in the water. I did manually remove some today freeing little fish as I pulled it out. According some research from Tennessee it forms in High alkaline ponds. I did add a bit of crushed coral to the totes this year I'm not sure if that would make much difference.






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I've never looked closely, but Waternet Algae might be part of what I just refer to it as pond scum in my pond. Algaecides don't seem to affect it.  It does seem to keep the Duckweed in check.

Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but a quick read would indicate that Waternet algae likes nutrient rich alkaline water. So using crushed coral might be going in the wrong direction.

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