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Cold-water loaches besides dojo and hillstream?


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I'm looking for other loaches I can keep in water temps between 65°-72° F (18°-22° C). I would choose a dojo, but they may be a bit big for my needs. I am also fond of shoaling activity, so hillstream isn't it, either. I'm looking for a cold-water snail buster crew, basically. I was looking at yo-yos, but the temperature requirements I found in my research are too varied!

What loaches have you successfully kept that thrive in lower temperatures?

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I mean shoaling loaches really hampers your selection. Even shoaling loaches in the aquaria start to loosely group and do their own thing.


A ton of colder water loaches have made their way into the hobby. Panda loaches, lizard loaches, and horseface loaches. Don’t trust any of the temperature ranges for these fish, they are more concerned with oxygen saturation than temps. 

On the other note, snail busters. I don’t know of a ton of snail busting loaches tbh. If you are having an issue with them perhaps assassin snails are more your speed? 

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