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How do you do grow out tanks for guppies and neo shrimp?


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I've got 3 or 4 ten gallon tanks I'm planning on using for breeding a single line of guppies and a single color of neo shrimp. They're both actively breeding in the same tank right now. I've heard of people using three tanks for shrimp and then moving them over every 3 months. I've heard of people separating guppy males and females for breeding. I haven't done that but I did remove the little ones the other day into their own tank for now. Not really sure what the best setup is here. I'm not necessarily trying to breed certain characteristics, though I do plan on culling. I'm mostly interested in breeding them for fun, and to eventually sell (but making this profitable is not necessary). I guess I'm confused on how to best use the 4 tanks I've got available to breed both species, and make things like netting and feeding them less of a pain. Thanks!

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I think there’s a couple ways. @Guppysnailhas a great method. 

You could keep breeders in two tanks- males in one females in the other. 

2 tanks with juvie males and juvie females separated. Then pull from these your next gen of breeders. 

Then a cull or selling tank. You could also buy a cheap 40 g tub for this purpose, clear plastic if you want to see. 

Some guppies especially females hunt the babies. One way to overcome this is a pond planter with styrofoam or other buoyant material under the lip and then the babies can retreat to the planter if the moms get ravenous. Moss or other plants can act as a hide for them as well. I’ve done both but the planter is the best method I’ve come up with for max survival. 

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I 100% would not put any guppies over 3-4 weeks old in with shrimp or they will be eaten. At least the shrimplets will be if not adults too. If it were me, this is how I would do it...

Tank 1:  all keeper shrimp - possibly a hang on breeder box to store culls until rehoming unless you plan to keep culls. Then i would put culls in a guppy fry tank. 

Tank 2:  adult guppies - assuming you want maximum yield and/or more control over the genetics, I would allow females to birth in this tank and then net the fry out. Unless they are Albino or another strain known for eating every last fry then I would move the females to birth. Idk how experienced you are with guppies but moving a female to birth can be tricky and can lead to far more problems than it helps so watch it. I very rarely suggest doing it. 

Tank 3:  fry tank 1

Tank 4:  fry tank 2

The fry tanks will fill up fast even if you have only 2 females. 

There is a method I've used before where you seperate the fry when they are able to be sexed to keep the females virgin to control who they breed with but this would require more tanks than you have because you would need 1 for adults, 1-2 for young fry, 1 for juvenile females and 1 for juvenile males. 

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On 8/6/2023 at 4:21 AM, Cinnebuns said:

100% would not put any guppies over 3-4 weeks old in with shrimp or they will be eaten.

I had shrimp with adult breeding guppies. With enough hiding area and enough shrimp added at once I still had to collect and sell off shrimp from those tanks. 
If you only add a few to start they will get picked off. 
Key for me was adding about 20 shrimp at to start. They reproduced much faster than guppies could eat them. 
The benefit was the growing juvenile tanks had access to constant live food and grew faster as well as colored sooner. 
I would not put the main shrimp breeding project with guppies as some will get picked off. 

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I've had a variety of sizes of neo shrimp in there with Vienna guppies for quite some time, and no indications that the guppies are going for the adult or even some of the smaller ones. The guppies are well-fed, that's for sure. ACO even sells the Guppy mating pairs in the same tank as their blue velvets. That being said, I'm sure they love shrimplets given the chance.

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On 8/6/2023 at 8:28 AM, Guppysnail said:

would not put the main shrimp breeding project with guppies as some will get picked off. 

That's more what I meant. That's why I said the culls would be fine with a guppy tank. But if one wants to breed I wouldn't put the good ones with guppies. That said, I do think it's OK to keep shrimp with guppies if the main goal isn't breeding. Like you said, you need to start with higher numbers and have hiding spots for even that to work. I usually suggest to people who want to do that to establish the shrimp colony and get them breeding first and then add the guppies but more experienced people def can do both at once with higher shrimp numbers. 

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