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They can be extremely picky fish.  I would get them to eat as much as you can (within reason).  Given the size, 3-5 worms would be appropriate.  Some worms from different companies come in all different sizes.  If you can, hikari is supposed to have the smaller variety that would be a bit easier to consume.  I've had issues with my own tanks (and puffers) where they refused to eat them.  I am leaning towards size as a main reason, but it's all a guess at this point.


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On 8/2/2023 at 3:48 PM, Khole new fish said:

Question how many mini bloodworms should I feed my pea pufferfish?

He ate three day.

It depends on the age/size of your pea puffers.  They need a wide variety of foods and really shouldn’t have bloodworms every day.  If you have very young juveniles, they only need 1-2 small bloodworms.  Adults may need 3-4 larger bloodworms.  Bloodworms, or any other single food source is NOT ADEQUATE for any fish.  They must have variety to do well long term.

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On 8/2/2023 at 10:36 PM, Odd Duck said:

Bloodworms, or any other single food source is NOT ADEQUATE for any fish.  They must have variety to do well long term.

I saw someone who had their own Pea Puffers using shrimplets from neo colony as a food source as well.  Might be something to try if you wish wish to keep shrimp.  I tried snails with mine as well as bloodworms.  I believe what OD is referencing is that the fish need multiple types of nutrients because there is no such thing as a "complete" food.  Only certain amino acid chains might be available in one brand and you need another food to complete the nutrition cycle.    This was something I recently learned about with this video.

@Odd Duck If there is more to it, and I'm sure there is, please feel free to educate us!  I've been trying to expand my food offerings to 2-3 different brands in addition to stuff like frozen foods as a result.  for Pea Puffers it's a bit more difficult, but hopefully the information is still relevant!


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It’s about many different nutrients.  Amino acids are only a part of it.  Some of it is chitin and bilk, but also mineral and vitamin levels, fat levels, along with other micronutrients.  It’s like thinking that eating peanut butter 100% of the time is healthy.  Yes, it’s a reasonably good protein source, but it’s far from a complete and balanced protein.  Even eggs, which are as close to a perfect protein as you’ll find and are a very balanced protein for people, are certainly not a 100% balanced diet.

Pea puffers would normally get a large variety of microlife, aquatic insects, a variety of worms, etc, which would have various other nutrients in the gut of the prey item from whatever that item has consumed.  Feeding purely one food item is not appropriate for any predator species or for any species that isn’t specialized to eat a single species of plant or animal.  There are very, very few species that are so specialized that they eat only one species of anything, not even herbivores, pollen specialists, nectar specialists, etc, eat only a single, focused food source.

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