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Co-op stop selling anubias plants?


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@pcc The main reason that we stopped selling anubias is because we were having terrible problems with anubias rot from a variety of different suppliers. Cory actually talked about this in a recent live stream, start from 1:16:05ish. Whenever a plant has a high refund/replace rate, we have to reassess if it's something we want to continue to stock. It's not a great experience for the customer to buy a plant and then have it rot away to nothing a couple of weeks later, and it's not great for business to have to constantly be replacing/refunding a certain plant due to a disease we don't know a lot about. Cory is still working on getting Anubias back in stock, but based on what I'm hearing from other stores and suppliers, it's not just ACO that's having issues, it's everyone. 

I hope that helps clear things up, let me know if you have more questions. 

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