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Share your best 7 Fish Photos from July

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Heya NERMS! We all take too many pictures of our fish and tanks. I’d like to see your favorite seven photos you’ve taken of your fish / tanks from this seventh month of 2023. Here’s my July 2023 reel…

1. Spawning Rainbow Shiners


2. Blue Dwarf Congo Cichlid pair


3. Rainbow Shiners & Redbelly Dace


4. New Discus trio


5. Adult Discus tank


6. Lowland Shiners


7. Fireyblack Shiner & Greenheads


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It was hard to pick 7! Here are the ones I chose in no particular order

1. My best wide shot of my 29g. I just really love the wood piece and my angelfish "Derp" in this tank. 207.jpg.2442e03b17d3c228cbc1a928ae3f3597.jpg

2. Baby hillstream loaches in 75g. It's hard to get a photo of their body because I mostly notice them when they are on the front glass, so I was happy to get this shot. 20230731_182241.jpg.db34f2d27ec6e34400d5443291f26279.jpg

3. My best wide shot of my 75g tank. This tank takes the most work, so I feel proud when I manage to get it into decent shape.20230731_181632.jpg.d146064ef222e01962823b5b248b4166.jpg

4. My vineyard snail "Marble" who lives in the terrestrial area of my paludarium. I very rarely see her out of her shell, so this is the first photo I've ever gotten of her. 20230728_162514.jpg.a9610bbd8f328442438c20f17197f025.jpg

5. My buce black pearl flowering in my 75g. The Facebook group really enjoyed this photo and I really like seeing uncommon plant phenomena myself. 


6. My best picture of one of my Indian Lilac crabs "Plum". They are easily my most photogenic wet pet, so I always have a ton of good photos of these guys. 20230718_182401.jpg.b7d0765ac850f19a060fe4009d0605bb.jpg

7. The best picture of my Blue Kong Zebra crayfish "Mortimer" AKA "Morty." He's a bit elusive, but quite interesting, so I am happy to get a decent photo of him when he is out. 


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