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An ode to the humble Green Neon Tetra

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IMG_1850.jpeg.b895e361c016fe7cc93dab2ad4d4a3fa.jpegI’ve kept you in 9, 15, 45 and 60s

You’ve glowed and schooled and shown

Ever so brightly 

Why can’t barbs and danios school this tightly?

There’s been no aggressIon, you get on with

others with such ease

Can you teach my cichlids and puffers to avoid

their usual sleaze?

I’m humbled by your beauty and you leave

everyone who sees

wondering why you need GloFish with a fish like

these? IMG_1849.jpeg.1b2ba85e2f0fb7c439b85fdd7858a875.jpegIMG_1846.jpeg.0831f6b2ce8752970d82d42cc0bd292b.jpeg

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They are my favorite fish.  My 29 gallon Main display tank has a school of 15.

I also have a school of 11  Lambchop Rasbora that make an awfully nice counterpoint.  The orange surrounding the black lambchop has a neon orange quality to it.  They show upwell from across the room as well.

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