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Hello! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Algae

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Hello from North Carolina! I'm Partario and I've been keeping aquariums on and off for 20 years. Recently recommitted to the hobby after discovering its wonderfully therapeutic effect on my life. What I love most about the aquarium hobby is the feeling of always learning something new! 🙂

I have 3 aquariums in 2023. I favor a deep substrate for water quality stability and a filter for flow and extra bioload capacity.

20L SE Asian tank. Betta, CPDs, Shrimps.

40B Amazon "Biotope", Dirted pseudo-Waldstad with HOB. Candy-Cane Tetras, Panda Corydoras.

5 gal Betta retirement home. Hornwort, Java fern.

Thanks I love you




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Hey hey! Thanks for the love and lovely aquariums! I, too, came back to the hobby after learning of its therapeutic effects.

P.S. Love the Kubrick reference in the title. 🙂 

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Very nice tanks @partari0

I’m keeping CPD’s with a betta on an 14 g cube with a little (1.5 gallon) sidecar for shrimps. 
Shrimps came in So small from aqua huna that I’d think something was wrong if my Betta Didn’t eat them. 🦐 >🐟

so they are growing out. 

What is your experience with shrimp as too tempting for Betta to resist ?

my Harriet has been remarkably cool with the (also tiny) CPD’s so I’m looking to go with a ‘trust but verify’ approach once the shrimp colony takes.

I’m also running an ember tetra & blue velvet shrimp tank.  Adult blue velvet females end up being the largest animals in that microbiome - which is pretty kool.

Thanks for sharing. 

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