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What’s wrong with my Val?

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In May I purchased Val Torta from Dustin’s fish tanks as I heard good things. They went in my newly established 65 gallon along with swords, Java fern and anubias a friend gave me. They have really struggled and I can’t figure out why because I thought they were an easy plant. My parameters and pics are below. Any thoughts? I’m considering trying again but maybe should skip that specific Val.  It’s hard to see the second bunch of Val in the back behind the rocks next to air bubbles. 

Temp is 75, lights 8 hrs day, easy green fertilizer 2x week, CaribSea ecocomplete substrate 



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On 7/28/2023 at 4:34 PM, MattyM said:

Are you using any sort of liquid carbon? Vals can be sensitive to that, though I haven't experienced it. 

I am not using any carbon but have read the same. I’m going to look closer at the roots and add a tab. See if they help it move in the right direction. 

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