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The case of the two dead platies

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So I was out today and came back home to two dead platies

victim 1; type: red Mickey Mouse platy; Age: 6 months; From: Bred at home; Body condition: Flipped upside down sucked to the filter, unable to be right side up, tail is beat up being extremely shorter then usual with some small almost “lines” of the tail looking if normal length, very fat, head color looking much lighter then the body (not normal); Died: unexpectedly;Suspect: Disease caused by overfeeding; Cause of death: N/A

Victim 2; Type red Mickey Mouse platy; Age: 6 months; From: Bred at home; Body Condition: laying on gravel, bent spine, head also looking much lighter then the body (also not normal); Died: unexpectedly; Suspect: N/A; Cause of death: N/A

Water parameters: nitrate:10, Nitrite:0, ammonia:0, Cl2:0, gh:75, ph:7, Alkalinity: 80, KH: 120; Water temp: 77°F; Habitat: 15 gallon tank with gravel, sponge filter, air stone, water pump, heater, water thermometer, cave, bridge decoration, crushed coral, and light; Tank mates: 3 guppies, 2 African dwarf frogs, 5 platies; Condition of tank mates: healthy, apart from two platies who look extremely overfed; Recent changes: not fed fish for two days; Reason: Overfed fish; Recent changes: Added two new guppies from petsmart to tank; Reason: Owner was sad

Recent death; Type: Yellow guppy; Age: > 1 year; From: Petsmart; Body condition: Very bent spine, shape of fish is similar to “^”; Died: expectedly; Suspect: Broken spine; Cause of death: euthanized 



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Unexplained deaths are a difficult one it's possible your new guppies introduced disease into your tank are you sure the platys which you say are over weight aren't bloated thought some other cause such as  a  parasitic infections can cause bloating can you post a picture of the over weight fish just in case something else is going on @iwanttostayanonymous 92074

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On 7/29/2023 at 1:00 PM, iwanttostayanonymous 92074 said:


Yea I am thinking its a swim bladder issue...bent spine disease or symptoms almost always are a result of a few differing issues one being swim bladder. Would think with the bloating there, maybe that is the issue. I also had two Dalmation Mollies just up an die for no reason, although they were only in tank for about a month and the 3rd one I got is right as rain 4 months later. Not sure why it happened...

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