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Fish goes down a surface skimmer…

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I found one of my Killifish stuck in the glass lily pipe pickup slowing down flow…


this pickup has a castellated floating skimmer that floats on top of the water.  The only way it could get in is to jump clear of the water and go down the center tube that is barely bigger than he was….

Added to that there is a glass lid that is barely 3/4 of an inch above the skimmer…

I was astonished to see it stuck in there and astonished to see the floating skimmer was still floating.  I would have thought if the fish hit the floating skimmer while going down it would have caused it to sink below water down to the pickup point.  It doesnt take much when working around it to get it sucked down…

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Glass is nearly invisible underwater. One of my failed experiments was to put a 6"x16" glass cylinder in the 75 gal., in an attempt to keep plants and TFBs together.  To allow for water exchange, the top of the cylinder was below the surface, and about 3/4 inch from the lid.  I came home one day to find one of the TFBs repeatedly floating to the surface and spiraling back down. I expected the worse. When I got closer I realized that the 7" fish was trapped inside the the 6"cylinder.  

Ultimately the experiment was a failure because the surviving plant did not do well, and algae accumulation required removing the cylinder for cleaning.

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