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Ember Tetra Skinny and Swimming Weirdly


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I noticed this morning one of my ember tetras was swimming weirdly. I have a 29 gallon planted tank with some other common community fish. I noticed it was skinny and looked pale. I isolated it in a breeder box and put in a small amount of aquarium salt. It stopped swimming in the box for a second and almost go to the bottom before swimming again. What should I do and what is it. I have aquarium salt and the med trio on hand. 


0ppm Ammonia and Nitrite

15-20ppm Nitrate 

100ppm Hardness GH

100ppm Buffer KH

7.8 pH

0ppm Chlorine


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I have had them for about over a year. No new fish. Its not breathing rapidly its just swimming oddly. Kinda half upright, looks pale and wont eat. Havent seen any surface flashing.

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