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Paludarium Journal

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Hi all!

After the suggestion to keep vampire crabs from Lennie, I decided to make this journal for my new paludarium! Will be set up soon, either 10 or 20 gallons. It will feature a fine, built up sand bed, with 2-3 inches of water, and easy ways for whatever inhabitants to climb out of the water as they’d like to. Will be using a substate made from fine sand, peat moss, and moisture rich soil. There will be a simple sponge filter for the water end. Lots of live plants in, and out, of the water will be provided, as well as driftwood on land, and partly in the water. Not quite sure how I’m going to stock it yet. Was originally setting up for vampire crabs, but have learned since that there are so many interesting paludarium creatures that are available to keep! So any suggestions are welcome! Here are the water parameters, and what the land will look like.
Ph - 7
Gh - 25mg/l
Temperature - 72
Humidity of land - 75%
You are welcome to recommend inhabitants for a 10 or 20 gallon paludarium, and the animal chosen will receive the appropriate tank size. Thinking about vampire crabs, or perhaps something more community like.

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I have kept fiddler crabs before and observed their behaviors. They are very interesting, however, I am looking to keep the water fresh.


I have been doing lots of research into paludariums and paludarium-safe reptiles. I’m thinking I may use the 20 gallon and keep pygmy chameleons. They seem much easier to care for than the average chameleon.  

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Hi again everyone! 
I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I set up the paludarium, and then started researching different reptiles for this size tank. I found leopard geckos, but they need a 20 long… and better a terrarium

I set up a tank for a leopard gecko, a 40 gallon terrarium.

I almost actually forgot about the Pygmy chameleons, but now am reconsidering it.

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