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Distilled mixed with tap....


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I have been trying this with RO water at the suggestion of my LFS.  Before i was mixing equilibrium, acid buffer, and alkaline buffer into RO water to get what I wanted (and still never got it exactly right).   PH out of the faucet is 8.3 and to get a mix down to 7.8 range  it's something like 9 parts RO to 1 part tap.  Also I treat the tap water before mixing with stress coat.  Not fully decided if this is easier than mixing the seachem stuff yet.

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22 minutes ago, starsman20 said:

Is the second spike the water change?

The 2 spikes are the pH beginning to rise in morning as the plants begin to photosynthesize and consume all the CO2. As the CO2 drops the pH spikes.

When it is dark the plants give off CO2 and the pH drops.

Then near noon today I did a water change and the pH drops dramatically.


And on the EcoComplete tank, I had only completed about 80% of the water change when I had to go away for a couple hours, so the dropping stopped for a bit. I just got back, finished the water change and it dropped a little more as a result.

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No CO2.

Each tank is a 40 breeder with a heater and sponge filter and same plants in same layout. The only thing that is different is the substrate.


In my experience healthy fish in good water can take wild swings in temperature and pH and not bat an eye.

When the pH was 8.2 they ate voraciously out of my hand and were perky. When the pH was 7.2 a half hour later they at voraciously and were perky. If I had dropped the pH to 6.8 it wouldn't have mattered to them.

Was the pH measured correctly? All three probes were calibrated recently and give correct readings in 4.0 and 7.0 buffers. And the probe readings match the pH readings on Tetra strips and also the API liquid tests I do each afternoon. And if that wasn't enough I also have a Seneye in each tank and its readings also agree.


The reason I am over-measuring is I am watching the evolution of these three tanks to see what the differences and similarities are on a day by day basis. It might not yield any results or it might.

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