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This post is meant to be a casual journal about my two aquariums.  I have two ten gallon planted tanks.  One stays at home, and one goes to my wife’s elementary school classroom during the school year for the kids to take care of.  The home tank has Endlers, ramshorn snails, and one amano shrimp.  The school tank is a grow out tank for all the babies from the home one, and at the end of the year kids can take them home if they want.  I’m not online a whole lot, so I may not respond to comments in a timely manner, but hopefully you all enjoy the pictures.










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After taking the last batch of males to the LFS, moving, and having my first kid, I finally got around to working on the tanks again.  I did a 30% water change on both tanks, cleaned the mineral deposits from the top glass, filter, and lights, and replaced the hang on back filter for the bottom tank.  The bottom tank seems a bit cloudy.  My guess is moving put it a little out of balance, and now there is a small bacteria bloom.  The fish seem fine, and it should rebalance soon.  I plan on taking more of the grow-out males to the LFS soon, and probably some of the snails for their puffers too.  🙂





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