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Stocking ideas for 40 breeder

Gucci Gourami

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4 hours ago, Gucci Gourami said:

I have a 40 breeder cycling and need help with deciding on livestock.

I was thinking 4-6 pearl and dwarf Gouramis 10-12 (small to medium sized) tetras, 3-4 Cory cats. What do you guys think of this stocking idea?



I have a school of 8 Panda Corys in a 40. Everything else looks good  










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I usually recommend only one dwarf gourami per tank unless its a really big one, as they tend to be pretty agressive to their own species. At least the males anyhow. The males are surprisingly similar to bettas in that sense. Can't stand each other. 

But I see you have pearl gourami listed. Pearl gourami are much more peaceful to their own kind, so I'd  suggest just keeping a group of them instead of mixing gourami species. Theyre quite beautiful all on their own and charming to watch glide about the tank.

Corydoras are great bottom dwellers, but up their numbers to at least 6 but preferably more like 8-10. A 40 breeder has pretty good footprint for them. Just get all the same species. There are many great options out there, just a matter of picking a pattern or color you like.

Tetra options are likewise diverse, just stay away from the smallest of tetras (like embers) as adult pearl gourami are capable of eating them. Just comes down to picking a color/pattern you like.

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