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Plant Recommendations: 20 Gallon Long Blue Dream and Mystery Snail Breeding Tank

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Hello Everyone!

I want to start a breeding tank for some Blue Dream Shrimp and some Mystery Snails. I really want to make it as heavily planted as possible. I also want to add the plants in first to let them get established and cycle the tank prior to adding in my shrimp (still debating if I'm going to add my snails in once the tank is cycled before my shrimp). I am new to plants and this will be my first time doing a planted tank. I am going to use some Fluval Stratum for my substrate (I ordered enough to have 3 to 4 inches in the tank). I don't mind putting in some weekly maintenance as that's part of the fun 😄

One plant that is really high up in my list is the Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily it looks beautiful and isn't too bad for a beginner as per my research. I also added in my shopping cart as of now so please let me know if you have any more recommendations! Thank you! 




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You should be able to get away without the easy iron and if you get an airstone for the sponge filter it bubbles will be finer which is good

Also if you have flaval stratum the root tabs will be unnecessary at least for a year or so

Also if your tank is 30 inches youd probably be better off with the medium sponge filter

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  • You don't need the heater.  My shrimp do just fine outside, with the air temperature ranging from well below freezing to over 100° F.
  • I'd suggest adding some dense plants that will provide hiding places.  Pearl weed is a good one, especially if you keep it trimmed fairly short (and you can let the trimmings float, where they will form dense clumps).  Java moss is another good option.
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As a new-ish beginner who also got many of these plants for a 15 gallon, my experience was that my amazon sword easily outgrow (tall) a shorter tank and that red lily exploded in a similar manner, with most of the leaves reaching for the surface, although trimming more often might help this. The bulbs will also keep growing  individual plants you can pop off the bulb and transfer in such quick time so you may find that 1 bulb will suffice.

On the other end, more crypts could provide additional visual contrast to all the other plants.

Have fun with your journey!


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