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Test interpretation


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Reading the test strip at the right time is the most important thing in using strips.  The test is not at all accurate when read outside the recommended time.

Comparing test tubes to the color on the phone is also not very accurate.  Color rendering on phone screen is notoriously inaccurate so you can’t really compare that way.  You really need to compare in person with the test tube held against the white part of the card next to the color chart with tube and card in good, balanced lighting with actual daylight bring the best for accuracy.

Someday we will have digital colorimetric readers that are accurate and cheap enough they are within reach of the average aquarist.  Until that time we have to make do with fallible and notoriously inaccurate human eyes.  We don’t really “see” with our eyes, we “see” with our brains which are very subject to outside influences like changes in the ambient light.

 Did you see the dress thing on Facebook - was it white and gold or black and blue?  Brains are sometimes really bad at seeing things accurately.  It’s why eyewitnesses are far less relied upon for criminal convictions these days.

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On 7/22/2023 at 2:29 PM, Scaperoot said:

I lost the scale so I pull it up on my phone and compare that way. This is the test strip after 5 minutes. First pic was after 2 minutes

I think the directions specify 3 minutes to test.

The second photo it's a bit easier to compare. The API liquid tests it's so hard to compare because the scale goes from like a red to a "deep red" and in person I usually associated that with opacity.




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