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Using multiple nano air pump for a manifold

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I know people use a linear piston air pump for providing air to a whole fish room, but I'm only dealing with a single wall of 8 x 10 gallon tanks. I like how quiet the USB nano pumps are, but want to make sure it wouldn't be damaging to them to hook a number of them up to a 1/2 inch PVC pipe. The reason I want to use the manifold is for organization, and also to reduce the consequences of a pump failure.



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If you’re using nano usb pumps I would suggest just 1 pump for each tank. I do that with the bottom row of my rack and in works well. 

For the top 2 rows (4 tanks, 2 on each row) I use a bigger air pump into the metal 4-way gang valve. Originally, I had this same pump hooked up to 1/2” pvc and split 6 times it was just a nightmare. Super hard and honestly frustrating to try to keep all 6 where I wanted them because if you adjust one, that adjust everything. The gang valve works much better and taking it from 6 down to 4 also really helped, but if you already have all the USB nano’s I wouldn’t recommend building a manifold and instead just 1 pump=1 tank. 

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Nano USB pumps (for me) were literally only strong enough for one device. I generally only prefer them to operate an air stone as I tend to run more air than they could provide to a single sponge filter.

Keep in mind there are variations from pump to pump, I've only owned one.

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