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Just added some trident java fern and i have some where the leaves are turning brown. They have been in the tank 14 days now. The tank is new and on day 14 of the cycle. The anubias in the middle of the pic was removed today. Leaves just turned yellow/brown and melted away. I dosed once with easy green 8 days ago and the nitrates stayed around 40/60 hard to tell on the test kit chart. Today after testing the nitrates were at 10 so i dosed again. 

My question is do i trim the java fern or let it be? My EBA photo bombed my pic. 

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Was thinking the same thing. I purchased 7 of the java fern & attached them to small rocks via the roots with super glue. All 7 are showing signs of the browning leaves. Several have the babies on their tips. I am 16 days into these plants in this newly setup tank & my anubias plants are looking rough also. At the same time my val is already sending up runners. 

I will save the buce & java moss for another post. 

Any hep is appreciated. 


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