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Armageddon Betta?


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the bottom fin gives that dark armageddon vibe yes. But its tail structure does not exactly belong to a line if I'm not wrong. Maybe it is an offspring of parents with different tail structure.

Also he looks very pale and sad. I can't imagine what he would end up looking like in a happy cozy home.

Planning to get him?

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If he ( or she? also looks like she too) is actually armageddon, the it is supposed to look like this I guess instead of normal light colored ones considering its body color. Tho I am not sure if it is an offspring of same tail/fin structure with actual armageddon parents. They don't exactly look like anything that directly fits under a label to me.



If you liked it, go for it. You can provide them a good home and witness its change.

But it wouldn't be a good breeding project member if you want offring to sell for good money cause they don't seem to carry actual fin structure requirements if I am not mistaken.

Is its price on the lower end?

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The price is on the lower end. Very cheap if he is an armageddon. I did end up buying him:)

if he’s not an armageddon, that’s ok too. He’ll have a nice, warm, home.

I am planning on breed him, as I am breeding more for the experience than the profit.

Once I got him in cleaner water, he showed more red on his fins.

Isn’t armageddon a marble trait?

even if you bred a male armageddon to a female armageddon, wouldn’t only some of the offspring actually be armageddons?


here is him in his new home:)

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