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Leveling 75G aquarium.. good enough?


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Hello. My 75 gallon aquarium has been in place for 1 year since we moved into this house. It was in my apartment prior to this for 1 year. I keep a foam pad under the stand, and under the tank, to make up for the floor not being exactly level.

I've noticed that the water level is not exactly level. According to my levels, it's not bad, but not perfect (pictures attached).

Is it worth draining and putting shims under the stand, or should i leave it as it is?






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You have a bit of a lean left to right and front to back.... the result of that is a lean which puts pressure on one corner compared to any of the others.  Let me draw you a sketch of your setup so you understand a bit about what is going on.


Red = support beams
Lines = Load lines
Arrows = Stress direction

When you have those blue arrows not loading directly into those stress beams you'll have a lot more flex compared to when you have them over those beams. 

Corvus Oscen just did a stream and he talked about cinder block stands for a bit.  I edited it down to a chunk and he may or may not upload that.  But, I would encourage you to check out the stream.  It may have been 2 or 3 weeks prior.  It was the "Juneteenth" stream.

Here's an example of "worst case scenario" and this tank will flex/bend the most.  There is a higher chance this tank has twisting compared to any of the others.



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On 7/18/2023 at 9:10 PM, Pepere said:

practically speaking I cant see where it would affect the tank so long as the surface the tank is resting on is flat and in plane and not humped up in yhe middle or warped.

That's my concern/problem when building my own stands, getting a perfectly flat surface. 

If I was to build another aquarium stand, I would build it in reverse/upside down. Put the top face down on a flat surface then start adding the cabinet parts. I would use Polyurethane glue and a few pocket hole screws after the glue has dried. I am currently build a stand for a 40 gallon tank in a room where nothing is level.   I put a bead of polyurethane glue down and carefully put the top on. Then put the aquarium on it and fill with water. 


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On 7/19/2023 at 1:19 AM, Scapexghost said:

However, you should not have a foam pad under the tank. This causes pressure on the bottom pane, which is bad.

Most pads are a few mm and won't ever touch the glass. If it does, then it can indeed pop the bottom glass and that's a severe issue.

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The water is always level.

As pictured, I would leave well enough alone. Being level front to back is more important due to the possibility of tipping.  when building your own stand, a metal yard stick or other straight edge will help you determine if your surface is flat.  A foam or rubber pad will correct minor flaws.

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