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how to get off ammonia remover?

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So I have a 55 gallon tank that I added angel fish to and while it was cycled, I was feeding really heavily and I tested .25 ammonia in the tank so I added some ammonia remover pellets. Now that the ammonia is gone, I want to try to get off the pellets, although I'm not sure on how to do that without the ammonia coming back?

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Just pull them out.  Then keep an eye on levels.


fwiw, I never get terribly uptight at 0.25 ppm ammonia. I just test frequently and keep an eye on it… Heck, my tap water chronically has 1 ppm ammonia.  If I get a tank with ammonia creeping up, I simply transfer a spare cycled double sponge filter from one of my other tanks I keep in there just to have cycled filters on hand.


$12.00 for 4 units..


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