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My newest aquarium purchase…

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I bought 2 of those type a few years back. Be careful they become fragile. My hubby watched me knock one over on the counter and it broke so built me a nice larger wooden one that he coated in polyurethane. 
A loaned it to a friend currently because she is having her significant other build her one sing it as a template  

To be honest it now serves as a good place to store tubes. Since the coop test strips I only use drops when settling a new tank or if I have issues  

Congratulations on joining the fish keeping made easier club  


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On 7/17/2023 at 8:41 AM, Pepere said:

And upon using it, I was left wondering, why did I wait so long…

Yes please!

I am so tired of the junk containers that we have from the breeder kit that can't hold the bottles.

Here's another version:


I like the idea of using nail polish racks for kits also on the inside of your stand.

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