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Sailfin Gudgeon Breeding Project

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Sailfin Gudgeon or Microphysogobio tafangensis breeding project


So this is just another cold water fish I wanted to add to the fishroom. Not much information on the net, so lets learn and grow together.

So I order 2 pair to work with costing me 80$ each import from China

Here's 1 of the male20230704_021144.jpg.83aae1b698cc6ddfc678192dfa721e02.jpg

Heres 1 of the female20230704_021155.jpg.4dcdc92ea37327d2ff375f2166060d6d.jpg

Currently they are living in my display 33long with an aquaclear 70. They seem to like carnivore pellets over veg pellets. They enjoy hiding under rocks if there isn't any dither fish.

So far I have 10 fry ....


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