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using aco powerhead for water changes


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Is it too weak to push water ~16 feet away?

I am finding that if I stop refilling the tank or if the hose already has water in it, the pump doesn't push the water. I have to empty the hose, in order for it to work.

Do I have a defective unit? I have reached out to ACO, and am awaiting their response.

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On 7/16/2023 at 8:10 PM, Pepere said:

Well, it certainly was not designed or marketed to be used for water changes.  

what sort of height are you trying to pump the water to?  What size and type of hose are you using.

very likely the pump is a centrifugal pump and likely does not have much head capacity.


if it is pumping water just fine when in a tub of water with no hose on the outlet, then the pump is working as designed and is not defective.  In that case you are simply asking more of it that it was designed to handle.

Height is about 12 inches. Yes, I think I am asking too much of it. It pumps fine without a hose attached. It was a 1/2 in outer diameter hose.

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