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Three tanks Today in Focus…

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I have hit “reset” on a 40-gal breeder. It is going warm again (84°-F) for Rams and a couple young Discus. Should be moving in a few more low-to-the-substrate plants 🌱 next week…


I like ample air flow with the warm temperature. The water motion circulates up from the back, across the top, and down the front glass pane. Aponogeton and Tiger Lotus added along with Valisneria, Crypt, and Java Fern. Electric Blue Rams do not seem to be a pair.


One is happy… the other is pretending (badly) to be a leaf on the wind.

Summer afternoon rains brought out little earthworms. We grabbed some and fed, one-by-one to this tank. Nothing like a battle over live food to get everyone colored up.




Rainbow Shiners remain one of my very favorite species. Worth the investment!

I noticed this evening that my Catawba Greenhead Shiners were acting spunky. I’ve yet to get eggs from them, but still drop off stones in hope…

Those silvery flashing minnows are Fieryblack Shiners. As they grow out, I’m becoming aware of how boisterous they can be!

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