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haze on clear plastic tub


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The walls of the clear plastic tub I was using for quarantine appears hazy. It coincided with the mystery snail temporarily moving in, which means I also added Seachem Equilibrium, baking soda and calcium carbonate over 2 weeks to raise the pH, GH and KH of my soft tap water. The haze will not easily rub off with a blade.

Now that the quarantine tub is empty, can someone suggest the cause and remedy for the haziness?

See photo for comparison.


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Adding the equilibrium will make things a bit hazy.  It could be all you're seeing, but I can't say that with certainty.  I would simply soak it with a white vinegar dilution when everything is empty and try to clean it that way. 

I cant guarantee it will work for certain, but the vinegar should dissolve any water hardness residue.

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