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Fungal/cotton mouth??

Hally M.

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Noticed a white consistency on my swordtails mouth. Not sure if I should be concerned or not. 

Ph 7.9

No ammonia no nitrite and a very small amount of nitrate. 

Kh was measured a couple days ago but looked good. 

Gh 230 ish 

Sorry the pictures are poor quality I had to zoom in because he wouldn’t come closer. Aside from the substance on his mouth he is behaving completely normal. No physical signs or abnormal swimming patterns. 

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I’m also noticing some stringy poop from the female? Some parts are translucent. The two are in a 20 gallon and just had 5 Tablespoons of salt added. What else should I consider for treatment if this could be parasites as well? 5EC64A0C-30D1-4C8D-A867-E98F195950E4.jpeg.abb87ad27e853179d2b3df6ad7ff322e.jpeg

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White patch on the mouth can be caused by mouth rot often associated with columnaris or a fungal infections what I would do  as its not eating is quarantine if you can and treat with a combination of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons and do a course of kanaplex just in case there's a bacterial component @Hally M.

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