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Plant on a rock

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I have a half filled 10 gallon for crayfish.  There's a rock in it that sticks out of the water about an inch.  Any plant suggestions that I can put on the rock that'll grow out of water?  I have octopus plant going gangbusters in the water, but thought it might look cool to have something growing out of the tank.




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Some sort of fairly tough or small epiphyte(s) is probably your best bet.  This could include Bucephalandra, Anubias, or many types of mosses.  There are other options but most of the other plants that like to grow emerse either like some type of soil or substrate for their roots and wouldn’t be as happy on a rock, or they are fairly soft and would just kind of hang over the rock - some mosses might look a bit “hangy” but Fissidens is pretty anyway.  There are terrestrial mosses that you can grow on your rocky top that would be pretty happy also growing down into the water, but a lot of mosses don’t have good “grip” so they might not hold onto what looks like a fairly smooth rock.  Fiss holds on better than a lot of mosses but it would tend to lay somewhat flat on the top of your rock.

I would probably either go with an Anubias or a Buce. Anubias nana ‘Golden’ would look fantastic on your rock.  Buces tend to have a bit less color when growing emerse but some species or varieties still have great color anyway.

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