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Tropical fish aquariums in the news...


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Woah. But also LOL because there is some very clear tongue in cheek writing here. 

I know @Cory has frequently spoken in favor of a greener hobby with less heating, and there seems to be a shift to less water changes for the environment. I took his positive comments about fish farms in the middle east (and also in europe generally) to heart. But it's interesting to see it all converted into carbon emission costs (not actual CO2 expelled by respiring fish, as I thought when I started reading it). Also a bit sad to still see the goldfish bowl concept promoted. 

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On 7/13/2023 at 1:06 PM, Pepere said:

the heat give off by my aquariums is reducing the fossil fuels being combusted in the basement boiler to keep my living unit warm…

I just... I don't...


Okay I'm taking this as a personal learning opportunity... I assumed that the electricity that heats your tank @Pepere would likely have a coal or natural gas origin (meaning heating the aquarium wouldn't actually save any fuel use in the bigger picture), but I'm the kind of person who prefers research over assumptions (weird, right?). So I ask Professor Google, where does Maine's electricity come from? Lo and behold, it's 72% renewable (which includes wood and wood-fired sources, which I dispute as being renewable, but that's a different convo). Kudos to you Maine! 🥂

So @Pepere, your task, if you accept it, is to fill all the space in your house with electrically heated aquariums, so that your heating costs from fuel/oil will drop to zero. Nothing less than the fate of the planet is on your shoulders. 

Also, who exactly are the Greens? 👽

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I call Manuretiae!  I don't think all of my aquariums combined consume the energy required to operate one display tank in the local Commercial Aquarium.  Additionally, most of the water and anything contained within said water is used twice, either by humidifying the room, which cuts energy consumption, or by recycling into house plant or garden water.  I sometimes wonder how much CO2 consumption is lost each time we pave over a field or woodland to build a strip mall that will remain underutilized.

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