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Anybody keeping glowlight danios?

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(For context, I’m talking about the glowLIGHT danio. Not the Glo-fish danio. Totally different thing and species- the glow fish danio is a zebra danio genetically modified, glowlights are a entirely different species. I’m deciding what to put in my 75 and they’re really cute.)

So, anyone keeping these little fish? They look beautiful from the pictures I’m seeing, but I can’t find much on them being kept by people on forums. Do they have some big flaw I’m not seeing, or are they being buried beneath the glofish?

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Pretty fish.

For me, when I search for a new fish I'm interested in, I always check if Rachel has a species spotlight 🙂 which she does for these species! Until someone shares their personal experience

In case you haven't seen her video:


They really look amazing, look at them 😍 (I'm biased, orange and yellow are my fav  colors on fish 😄


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