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Does anyone use the blue light on the Aquarium Co Op light (or any other light)?


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I use as my standard light on my glofish tank as it makes them and the decor glow better.  I also have a Hygger light on a 29 gallon that had a blue light setting as the last time slot for the light programming periods.  I had this come on 10 min before the light shuts down for the day when I initially set it up and never changed it.  The fish probably don't' notice, but I like to think it gives them a 10 min warning before dark. 😆

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On 7/13/2023 at 6:17 AM, Pepere said:

My primary lights are Finnex Planted plus 24/7.  I used to use the blue light every night when I was using the internal timer function.  It would automatically fade to blue lighting in the evening hours.  If the internal timer featured a reasonable 30 minute ramp from setting to setting I still would.  With the 3 hour ramp of the lights it just doesnt work to use the internal timer if running a siesta and exposes the tank to light levels too low to  benefit plants yets still feeding algae for way too much time every day.

I now use a Nicrew inline timer dimmer to control the lights..  I could of course use the preset buttons on the remote to switch to a bluecolor, and I might from time to time.  Certainly I do on my Glo Light Skirt Tetras…

Rather than blue twilight using blue and a touch of white, I enjoy running some green as well…. It is an interesting effect…


You use the nicrew timer/dimmer on your finnex planted plus, I thought about trying just because I hate the 3 hr ramp time

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On 7/14/2023 at 5:10 AM, Pepere said:

Yes. I bought one to try it to see if it would work.  I placed an order for several more the day after I installed it.

I set one of the memory  custom color slots for the color and output I want at 100% power.  I run 100% red, 50% green 30% blue, 70% white.

I run 2 photoperiods a day.  4:00 to 9:00 morning and night.  I opt for the 30 minute ramp.  The light turns on half our before start time and ramps up to 100% over half an hour.  

In the evening hours, I employ another set period to ramp the light down to 20% power for a half hour before having it turn off.  As light ramps down, the last 20% down to zero, the red dominant color simulates a sunset coloration.


The Nicrew provides for 6 time and intensity settings.  If I were not running the two photoperiods I do because of my daily routine away from the tanks, I would opt for it coming on at 20% for an hr, rMping up to 50% for an hr or so, to peak for a period, and similarly ramping down some over the course of the photoperiod…


If Finnex would only switch their lights to a30 minute ramp…. Sigh…


This is a link to the Nicrew inline timer I use.  




I use the 2.1 to 2.5 barrel connector adapters that come with it.  These fit the Finnex.  The only issue is the Finnex female socket has a plastic sheath extending beyond the female metal socket. It is a bit small, and needs some for e and persuading to allow the male plug to fit in.  It took some effort, but I was able to get it in securely.


I also use one on a finnex stingray 2 that was much to bright on a 20 high… Using the intensity setting to turn on the light at 50% brightness was perfect.

the Nicrew allows you to set brightness at 1% increments…

It is a much better solution than a wifi timer or the Finnex internal timer.

Thank You for sharing your settings. I’m placing a order for now, I have 24/7 hcl sitting in a closet, I love the color of the finnex I just hate the time control

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