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Experience with Freshwater Soles?

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My lfs has some Papuan and Peruvian freshwater soles available right now and I’m very interested in keeping them. I currently have a semi planted 60 gallon with 4 African Butterfly Fish, some petricola catfish, and 4 large hillstream loaches in quarantine right now. I originally planned on getting ropefish, but I worry they might predate on the hillstream loaches even though they’re well over 2 inches. I was thinking the Papuan soles would be a good option since they only get 5 inches, and likely stay smaller in captivity. My main worry is that they’ll uproot my plants when they bury themselves in the sand. 
Would love to hear people’s thoughts and possible experience with the Papuan sole

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They just burrow enough to submerge about 70% of their bodies in sand. I wouldn’t worry too much about uprooting plants. They feed mainly on worms and small crustaceans, but are visual ambush predators so using tongs and/or a dropper is recommended.


I also would check to make sure that they are in fact the freshwater sole varieties from the indo-pacific or South America. There are imposters that get large and prefer brackish-marine. 

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