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Scarlet Temple Anger Management

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So, a few months back I took the leap and ordered a Scarlet Temple. I carefully placed it in my tank and observed it for about a week. It didn’t do anything and lost a bit of color. Over the next few weeks/months, I gave it more light, fed it easy green, gave it root tabs…. Nothing. I have it MORE light, more easy green, root tabs…. STILL nothing! I dialed back, nothing. I dialed up, nothing. I talked to it, sang to it..  offered it a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…. Aaaaand….. nothing. Finally, I gave up. Decided since it looked like it was on it’s last leg (leaf), I’d toss it into the Snail Farm tank…you know, that tank I barely clean and leave neglected more often than not?… I figured they would devour it in no time. well…

look who decided to take off and be bootiful! This @&$%#….Grrrrr


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Scarlet Temple has been my hardest plant tomlearn how to grow well…


I have no confidence to say “how to master” as yet….   I am still learning…


It definitely wants high light, and certainly likes co2 injection, and good flow….


I had similar where it was straggly and struggling in my 29 gallon tanks and doing better in a 20 high…

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